Fit, Interests, and Thriving (FIT) Lab
Research on Individual Differences, Person-Environment Fit, Workforce Diversity & Success

Career Exploration Tools For Students, Employees, & Practitioners

  • The O*NET® Interest Profiler (Short Form): A self-assessment tool to gain better understanding of career interests, developed by Dr. Su and her colleagues for the U.S. Department of Labor National Center for O*NET Development.

  • My Next Move: A web application for job seekers and students to find career options matching their interests and experience, developed by the U.S. Department of Labor National Center for O*NET Development.

  • Mi Próximo Paso: A Spanish-language version of My Next Move, enables Spanish speaking career explorers and job seekers to search over 900 different careers and see important information including skills, tasks, technologies, salaries, and employment outlook.

  • My Next Move for Veterans: A web application for veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce.

  • O*NET® Career Exploration Tools: A set of assessment instruments (abilities, interests, and values) designed to assist individuals in exploring careers and making career decisions.

  • O*NET® Online: A web application that enables users to query, view, and print information on over 900 occupations contained in the U.S. world of work, including their work tasks, job requirements, work values and styles, and wage and employment information.

Resources For Researchers

  • Interest Item Pool (IIP): The IIP website is designed to provide easy assess to a public-domain vocational interest scales and measures and is available to researchers working on the development of new interest models and interest assessment strategies. This site was initiated and developed by Dr. James Rounds, Professor of Educational Psychology and Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with his collaborators, including Dr. Rong Su. This website currently includes 31 basic interest scales and RIASEC scales along with their items and related psychometrics. It also serves as a forum for the dissemination of psychometric ideas and research findings in vocational interest measurement and research.

  • International Personality Item Pool (IPIP): The IPIP website is a scientific collaboratory for the development of advanced measures of personality and other individual differences. It is developed and maintained by Dr. Lewis, R. Goldberg, Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute. The IPIP website is intended to provide rapid access to measures of individual differences, all in the public domain, to be developed conjointly among scientists worldwide. Later, the site may include raw data available for reanalysis; in addition, it should serve as a forum for the dissemination of psychometric ideas and research findings.

  • Subjective Well-Being Scales: This webpage provides access to scales developed by Dr. Ed Diener and his collaborators. Dr. Diener is Joseph R. Smiley Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Illinois, Research Professor, University of Utah and University of Virginia, and Senior Scientist at the Gallup Organization. The webpage currently includes the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS), the Scale of Positive and Negative Experience (SPANE), Flourishing Scale (FS), and the Comprehensive and Brief Inventory of Thriving (CIT & BIT).

Information about I-O Psychology

  • Official website for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Division 14 of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Organizational Affiliate of the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

  • Graduate Training in I-O Psychology: Links to information about I-O Psychology, how to choose a graduate training program in I-O, either at the master's level or at the PhD level, and tips for applying to an I-O graduate program.

  • I-O Psychology PhD Program at Purdue: Introduction to Purdue's I-O Psychology program, graduate-advising faculty and adjunct faculty, and information about application and admission.

  • Purdue I-O Ranked Among Top 5 Nationally in Research Productivity: In a recent ranking of research productivity of I-O programs published in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, an official publication of SIOP, Purdue I-O PhD program was ranked among the top 5 in the nation.

Other Useful Links

  • The Noba Project: A website initiated by Drs. Ed and Carol Diener that provides free and open access to psychology textbooks written by some of the most respected psychologists for students and instructors. The educational materials provided by this website are modularized such that students and professors have the flexibility to select and combine materials that are most relevant and useful for their learning/teaching needs.

  • Bootstrap: Not to be confused with the statistical term "bootstrapping". Bootstrap is a free, open-source HTML, CSS, and JS framework that allows you to develop cross-platform websites with rich features, such as this one.